Looking at the materials that I salvaged from my mattress, I decided that I could make a very nice floor pallet for a single person to sleep on if I folded the quilted topper in half and sandwiched some padding inside. There was really nothing wrong with the padding on the old mattress; only the springs were bad. So I laid the quilted top of the mattress face down on the floor and began to experiment with the salvaged padding to see what gave the best support. I eventually cut a layer of the white foam to be the bottom of the stack of padding. Then I folded the composite material to make a double layer. There was a piece of regular yellow foam that had been part of the old mattress, but it was so thin that I thought it would be better to fold it to form a triple layer so that it would be thicker. This made it shorter than the rest of the padding that I had stacked up, so I placed it in the middle and cut two additional pieces of the white foam to make up the needed length to support the head and feet.
I deliberated for awhile on the best way sew the pallet up, but, in the end, I used a double strand of upholstery thread and a upholstery needle and sewed it by hand. This project took awhile, but I worked on it in snatches and eventually had it completed. Now the next time that my nieces and nephews come over to spend the night, I will have an additional “bed” for them to sleep on!

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