This year, my husband and I finally decided to purchase a new mattress. (It was probably a good year past time to do so!) The old mattress was in such a state that it was not really good for anything the way it was. The springs inside were way past redemption. I decided to pull it apart and see if there was anything that I could use for a new purpose, and there really was quite a collection of materials on the mattress which could be saved. In the photo to the left, from left to right, is the quilted mattress top, a piece of foam cushioning, and a layer of some sort of composite material to prevent the springs from poking through the foam. I also removed a thin, very tough piece of material which was used to cover the bottom. The box spring yielded a second piece of this material on its top, another piece of the composite material, a large piece of flexible white foam, and a black piece of fabric which covered the bottom (see photo at right). After the mattress had been stripped down to the wood and metal framing, my husband looked it over for anything that he might want. Sadly, the framing was designed in such a way that it was nearly impossible to salvage the wood.

The very first idea that came to the family members as we surveyed what I had saved was that the black material that I had pulled from the bottom of the box springs looked just like the weed cloth sold in the garden centers except that it was not quite as stiff. It would still allow for water to pass through and be a deterrent to weeds. I stored this with my seeds to be used this spring. Since it is free, I really haven’t lost anything to try it! I will continue to chronicle what I do with the rest of the materials in future posts!

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