When I was saw the front of this church bulletin, I knew I could come up with some way to use the frame along the outside edge, so I collected those that were left after the worship service was over. Later in the week, I cut the frames from the rest of bulletin. What I discovered was that the frames were longer than the standard 4×6″ picture and that I would have to shorten the sides in order to use it with pictures. Fortunately, I could cut through the lines marking the mitering on the corners and shorten them that way. So I trimmed all of them down to be able to frame something 4×6″.

There are numerous things that could be done to recycle these frame: as scrap-booking mats, photo cards, or framing quotes or verses. I decided to use them to frame photos on a bulletin board, but I wanted to make them reusable. This would mean strengthening the frames.
To do this, I used decoupage glue to glue them to some scraps of cardboard and seal them. (Just as a side note, I use the plastic bags from breakfast cereals to protect my work surface whenever I am doing anything that will make a mess. They can be seen in the picture to the above. I simply open them up and tape them together. I reuse the same ones over and over again.) Then I cut the frames out with a craft knife. In order to make a protected place for whatever I wanted to frame, I cut some pages from an old photo album. I taped these to the back of the frames. To use the frames, I only had to slide the photo or paper I wanted to frame into the plastic sleeve. Since they were so light-weight, I could even hang them with masking tape! The end result was not flashy, but it did trick the eye and blend in fairly well .

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