I have fallen in love with the milk jug “boxes” to such a degree that I have found numerous uses for them. I have so many of them now that I have had to think up a creative way to store them and keep them organized! I had been keeping my eye out for a box that was the same depth as my milk jugs, so when this one came in around Christmas time, I held onto it until I could work with it. It was just right in the depth, but it was a little too wide and required that I cut it down to size. I did this by removing one side, cutting out the middle of the box and then taping the side back on. I did it this way because I needed to have the flaps still attached at the top. Measuring the height of the milk jug boxes, I evenly marked the two longer box flaps with that measurement as many times as would fit while still allowing for about a centimeter of distance in between each one. Then I removed all the centimeter-wide strips with my scissors. Setting the box aside, I then looked around for all the extra cardboard that I could lay hands on. From the larger pieces I cut seven shelves that looked like the one in the photo to the right. I wanted a double thickness to each shelf, so I cut each one to be twice the depth measurement of the interior of my box and two inches past the width measurement. I then made the folds and slits that are shown in the photo. The shelves slide into the box with the center fold to the front and the one-inch overlap on both sides flat against the walls of the box. Then the box flap sections fold in above and below the shelf to hold it in place. (See photo at left.) I could have done any number of things to the outside of the box to make it look nicer, but I decided to cover the whole thing in some contact paper that mimicked the look of wood. This gave added strength to the unit and made it more waterproof as well. So, for the price of some Velcro dots for the milk boxes, a small amount of tape and some contact paper, I have a lovely new organizer for all my odds and ends!

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