Have you ever received a gift in such beautiful wrapping paper that you hated to tear into it? Open the package carefully, and you might be able to use the paper to give new life to an old file folder! File folders are often reused by turning them inside-out and writing a new label on the other side of the tab, but if this has already been done to a file folder that is still in good condition, it is possible to give it a face lift and make it serviceable again. All that is required is some spray adhesive, a remnant of wrapping paper, a piece of coordinating colored paper, a pair of scissors, and some contact paper. I did not have a piece of gift wrap that I had kept from a gift, but I had gotten to the end of a very nice roll of wrapping paper and had just enough paper left to cover the front of an old file folder. I began by using a dry iron on a low setting to iron the wrinkles out of the scrap of wrapping paper. Then, putting down a layer of newspaper to protect my porch, I put the gift wrap face down on the newspaper and sprayed it with the spray adhesive. I carefully placed the file folder on the paper and pressed out all the wrinkles and air bubbles. Then I trimmed off the excess paper. I followed the same steps with the coordinating colored piece of paper. I only needed enough of this paper to cover the inside of the folder that extended beyond the front edge and covered the tab, so I did not use a lot. I glued the paper so that it extended beyond the edge of the folder and then trimmed off the extra paper. The final step was to cover the folder in contact paper. This protects the folder, strengthens it, and allows for the label to be written with a Sharpie marker and then wiped back out with finger nail polish remover. The final folder looks totally different from its original state! Of course, these folders don’t have to be made of recycled materials. They would make very nice, inexpensive gifts and could be made even more durable and classy by laminating them with a machine instead of using contact paper. Our public library has one of these which they allow people to use for a small fee. These are some more examples of other folders that I have reclaimed with wrapping paper scraps.

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