It is truly amazing what can be done with a few scraps of wool and some odds and ends! I found yet another use for the felted gray wool sweater that I used in the trinket tray, mitten ornament, and mug warmer. I found a pattern for a small stuffed mouse in book nine of the Gooseberry Patch Christmas series which could be used as a stocking stuffer for child or filled with cat nip for a pampered pet. The pattern is simply a rather plump teardrop shape and a small circle with a piece missing from one side. The pattern called for regular felt, but I substituted fabric from the felted sweater. I cut two of each of the pattern pieces, and sewed the two larger shapes together. I left a small opening for turning the piece right-side-out and stuffing it. I added the stuffing and a length of leather cording for a tail, and hand-sewed the opening closed. I stitched the straight edge of each ear to the “head” area of the body, added two small, recycled black buttons for eyes, and made an embroidery floss nose. All of the makings for this mouse were things that I already had on hand, but any number of things could be substituted to make your mouse unique.

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