This is a wonderful recycled milk jug project! Some months ago, the Family Fun magazine demonstrated how to cut a gallon milk carton into a reusable container. It is a great idea for children’s snacks and sandwiches since it is made of food-grade plastic. The only financial investment is a set of self-adhesive hook and loop dots, so it is no great loss if the container does not make it home again! I kept saving milk jugs and making containers which I used to store all kinds of odds and ends in. Then I began to look at them as possible Christmas gift boxes for a girl’s group that I teach. I puzzled about how I could make them look nice inexpensively. I finally came up with a plan that seemed to work well. I began by filling each box with some shredded paper that I had saved from a previous gift. Then I made some paper patterns to resemble poinsettia leaves, the largest slightly smaller than the lid of the box. I traced and cut out three of each size leaf pattern from some red wrapping paper I had on hand. (I would like to have used some other recycled material for this, but I had a hard time coming up with red packaging which would be suitable, so the wrapping paper and the Velcro dots were my only real expenditures.) I used stick glue to glue each size leaves together into a circle as shown in the photo to the left. Then I stacked the small leaf spiral on top of the large leaf spiral and glued them together in the center. I used a small length of leftover gold cord to make a series of knots that I then cut apart and glued into the center of the red leaves. This stack of leaves and flowers was adhered to the top of the container with a small piece of double-sided tape. Finally, I made some green leaves from the green plastic produce bags that my mother-in-law had given me. I fused these together like I do the plastic shopping bags except that I only used two layers of plastic. I cut out leaf shapes and then taped them under the red leaves on the top of the package. The end result was pretty, economical, and admirably disguised the milk jug container!

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