Each year at Christmas time, I give gifts of specialty breads to those who teach my children at church. The only problem with a food gift like a baked good is that it can cause some problem in the wrapping department. This year, I wrapped the loaves in aluminum foil and looked around for a way to dress them up. I began by taking a sheet of wax paper and crumpling it up. I spread it back out and used a paper towel to dab gold acrylic paint over its surface. After it dried, I wrapped the paper around the bread loaf just like a package. Next, I used a piece of gold mesh ribbon. This is what I had on hand, but any other gold ribbon remnant would have been fine. Since pieces of recycled ribbon are not always very long, I did not try to tie a bow; I simply wrapped it around the middle and secured it on the back with a length of packing tape. The package did not look quite right without a bow, so I came up with another idea to make the package look more finished. I save old Christmas cards. They are so pretty that it seems a shame not to find another use for them after the season is over. I went through my collection and came up with some small images that had gold trim to match the gold of the paint and ribbon. I cut these out, glued a new back piece onto them so that I could write my “to” and “from” and attached them to the ribbon on the top of the bread. I was quite pleased with the way the finished wrapping job came out, and I think it would work just as well with silver paint and accents if that is what you have on hand.

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