For Christmas this year, my sister-in-law gave my children an advent book (Jotham’s Journey, by Arnold Ytreeide ) and a gift they can open up each day. My children are loving this! We are about half-way through the book and though my children are all teens, we are still enjoying this story. My sister-in-law decorated the different bags with a simple knot of red ribbon which, of course, I have dutifully saved! Yesterday, I had an idea to turn these small scraps of ribbon into a poinsettia ornament. I cut six pieces of the ribbon into three-inch strips and cut points on both ends. Then I cut the remaining ribbon into various shorter lengths, all with pointed ends. Stacking the larger pieces on bottom, fanned out into a star shape, I added the smaller pieces on top until I had the shape of the poinsettia. Using some red thread and a sewing needle, I sewed through all the layers in the center to anchor them in place. I searched through my ribbon remnants and found some gold cording in which I tied several knots. I cut the knots apart from one another and sewed them into the center of my flower. My ribbon remnants also included a length of green velvet from which I cut two leaves. I sewed these onto the back of the flower, added a hanger from the gold cording, and the resulting ornament was lovely. This would make a beautiful addition to a package or tree, and was made entirely from recycled ribbon and some thread!

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