I have been experimenting more with old, felted wool sweaters to see what else I could make with them. The remnants in this photo were left over from the wool trinket tray that I made back in June. There were two pockets on the front of this sweater, and the tops had some ribbing on them, so I decided to try to make a small mitten ornament from the pocket area using the ribbing as the cuff of the mitten. I started by carefully removing the pocket from the back of the sweater, leaving me with a solid piece of felted sweater. I drew a simple mitten pattern on a piece of scrap paper, pinned it to the sweater above the ribbing, and cut around the pattern. Putting right sides together, I sewed around the outside edge, leaving the “cuff” area open for turning. After I had turned it right-side -out, I used some embroidery floss to make a small snowflake design on the front. (This could have been done before I sewed the mitten together and would have been easier to do at that point, but I decided on the snowflake design after I had completed forming the mitten, so I added it then.) The small hanging loop is made with a former seam from the side of the sweater. I cut away the excess fabric from the seam leaving only the amount needed to make the loop, and then I sewed it into the mitten. This allowed me to use a section of the sweater that I might otherwise have thrown away. The end result was an ornament that could be used to hold money, jewelry, candy, or some other small surprise, making this an excellent “gift bag” as well!

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  1. Erika says:

    I love the snowflake! I’ve knitted several pairs of mitten ornaments and wanted to find an embroidered snowflake pattern. Yours is perfect. You’ve also inspired me to knit some with wool and then felt them. What a great idea. Thanks!

  2. You’re welcome! I am glad that you found inspiration for your ornaments. 🙂

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