This entire ornament is made from recycled materials. In the first photo of my last posting, there are three small boxes. These boxes once held matches, make-up, and something else I have forgotten. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have always found empty match boxes hard to throw away! They are intriguing to me with their tiny size and sliding drawer. This time it paid off. I gathered up these three small boxes that I could stack and stuffed them full of recycled tissue paper (leftovers from gift bags). I then wrapped these little boxes in the small scraps of wrapping paper left over from wrapping presents. (You know, the small scraps that are really too small to truly wrap anything with, but you hate to throw them out!) I used stick glue instead of tape to wrap them with so that the overall appearance would be neater. To help keep the gifts together in a stack, I glued them together with tacky glue. Once again, the bow was made using ribbon I had saved from past gifts. Add a hook, and this ornament is complete!

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