In recent years, I have noticed that many of the rolls of wrapping paper I have purchased have been rolled around a stiff piece of brown paper instead of the standard cardboard tube. Since it looked almost like the kind of paper used to wrap packages for mailing, I kept it. But then I found another use for it-ornaments! I was actually inspired by a cute wrapping paper with Christmas cookies and candy on it that I picked up on sale last year at the end of the Christmas season. I folded the paper in half so there would be two layers, then I took out my Christmas cookie cutters and traced each one onto the paper several times, allowing a little space between them. Using my acrylic paints, I painted the shapes to resemble the cookies on my paper. When I cut these out, I cut through both pieces of paper and left a small margin around each shape so that the edge would appear to be the cookie portions and the painted part would look like the icing. I glued the edges of both pieces of each ornament together leaving a small opening along one side. I allowed the ornaments to dry, and then I tore a piece of used tissue paper (saved from a gift bag again) into small pieces and used these pieces to lightly “stuff” the ornaments through the remaining openings so that the “cookies” had some depth and were not paper thin. I then glued the opening closed. Finally, I used an ice pick to poke a hole into the top of the ornaments and used regular kitchen twine to make a loop for each one. The resulting ornaments are pulling double duty for me in that they are a wonderful, decorative tie-on which acts like a gift tag as well. I write on the back of the ornament and add the year to the bottom.

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