Ornaments are a part of Christmas here in the States and in many other places around the world, but they can get rather expensive. They really don’t need to be. If you are involved in a group that does an ornament exchange, give them as gifts to others, or if you simply like to add a new one to your own tree each year, this post is for you. This week I would like to show you how to make some simple ornaments from the recycled materials shown in this photo.

The first ornament I would like to show is one that is completely free except for a nine-inch piece of 18-gauge craft wire. My mother-in-law has been very supportive of my recycling and keeps her eye out for things that I might be able to use. She recently gave me some green, plastic net bags that once held limes. I removed the labels from the front and cut the bags into strips. To keep the edges from looking too straight and smooth, I then cut small triangular cuts down the edges on both sides of the strips. I bent the wire around a small glass to give it a circular shape, and taking two strips at a time, I began to weave the netting back and forth onto the wire until the wire was full. I attached the two ends of the wire together to form a circle. Next I twisted the strips that were on the wire so that they would fan out and give the wreath that I was forming a fuller shape. Now for the easy part! The red balls on this wreath are really just balled-up red foil wrappers that came on holiday candy! I simply glued them on. The bow is made from ribbon that I salvaged from other gifts. Who knew trash could look so cute?!

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