My brother’s job requires that he look professional with a dress shirt and tie, but the tie can also get in the way if it isn’t tacked down. He has a wonderful little plastic device which he uses to keep his tie from moving. The beauty of this design, in addition to being nearly invisible, is that it allows for the tie to retain some vertical movement while still keeping it close to the body. It was also very simple to use, so I was immediately interested in seeing if it could be duplicated. I took an empty plastic milk jug and cut a 6 x 1 1/4″ strip from one of the sides without the handle. A centimeter from each end, I cut two openings down the center that were one centimeter wide and 4 1/2 centimeters long. The fastener is used by sliding it through the label on the tie and pushing the buttons of the shirt through the slits above and below the label as demonstrated in the photo at right. Using a translucent milk bottle makes the plastic nearly invisible, and it is further hidden by the tie. This would make a wonderfully inexpensive stocking stuffer for the man on your Christmas list who has to keep his tie under control!

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