Last week, I had a pair of jeans that had worn out around the pockets. This week, I was dealing with the problem of the jeans having holey knees, but the upper portion still being in good condition and fitting fairly well. In addition to this, I had on hand a man’s dress shirt with staining on the sleeve and a little down the front. I was able to create this new skirt by combining the two! It was really quite simple. I laid the jeans on the floor with the front portion hanging a little lower than the back (they generally take this shape when they are being worn). I carefully pulled the front pocket linings out of the way and made a cut straight across the upper portion, just above the division for the legs. I then cut off the lower half of the dress shirt (the length depends on how much good fabric is available and how long a skirt is desired), gathered the upper edge and pinned it in place on the new lower edge of the jeans. After I stitched it in place, I finished off both raw edges by zig-zagging them together. Project completed! My daughter truly enjoys wearing this new skirt.

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