If you are like me, someone in your family probably has a pair of jeans that would be fine except for the holes developing around the back pockets or the fraying around the seams. The idea came to me that the legs would make very good plastic shopping bag holders. I cut one off and removed the hem. I also cut a strip of fabric from another portion of the jeans and sewed it into a tube. While there was not a hole in the leg, there was a small stain that needed to be covered, so I used a sleeve from a man’s dress shirt. By removing the hem on the sleeve and cutting the top edge even, I was able to get a band of fabric that completely covered the stain. I sewed the fabric in place and put in casings at the top and bottom of the jean leg. I sewed the ends of the fabric tube to the edges of the top casing. I cut small slits in the fronts of the casings and Fray-Checked the cut edges. I had some shoestring ends leftover from my day packs project, so I sewed the cut edges of the laces together and laced them through the casings. By gathering the fabric along the laces and tying them into bows, I created smaller openings at each end of the jean leg so that the bags would be contained. After a couple of buttons, some recycled silk flower petals, a denim pocket, and some embroidery floss, the holder became charming! If you leave off the decorations, this would also be a useful way to store cleaning rags in the garage.

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