I must confess that when I used to hear people carry on about their pets, I thought it was a little strange. I have had many pets and loved and enjoyed them, but never to the degree that others seemed to do. Then I hand-raised a litter of stray cats and fell in love with one very special one! I bonded with her in a way that I have never bonded with any other animal. She is definitely an unexpected gift from God. I have enjoyed her so much that my husband put cat treats in my Christmas stocking knowing that I would derive pleasure in giving them to her! That brings me to this post. The containers that these treats came in were intriguing to me. The labels came completely off, leaving a smooth, bare blue plastic surface. And the shape was even better: a squarish hourglass with rounded edges. It felt good in my hand. After the cat treats were gone, I filled the containers with gravel and sand and weighed them. They weighed about a pound and a half each. The material used to fill them would, of course, make a difference in the weight, so they could be made lighter or heavier as desired. This made them perfect as hand-held weights for exercising. Then I glued on the lids. For those who would like to be more decorative, there is also a shallow groove running along the outside of the containers which can be filled with a small, contrasting-color rubber band.

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