I love the wonderful scents of jar candles! There is something warm and homelike about coming into a house that has candles lit and the fragrance of baked goods floating on the air. We have been given many of these candles over time and when they have burned down to the bottom, I have looked at the empty jars in dismay. They were too nice to throw away! I decided to try to make classy food containers from them. First, I removed the label and any excess wax, and then I cleaned the jar. Even after washing, the jar still had a strong odor, so I put some baking soda in the bottom and let it sit with the lid off for about two weeks. Finally, I was ready to put a permanent label on the jar using glass etching cream. I cleaned the outside of the jar with glass cleaner to remove any hand oils or dust that might prevent the cream from having contact with the glass. Then I masked off a section with masking tape and added foam letters to spell out the name of what I wanted to store in the jar. I carefully followed the instructions on the etching cream package and then rinsed the cream off and removed all the letters and tape. After I dried the jar, there was a lovely frosty label on its face! I ended up making several.

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