I am sure that I am not the only person who finds it difficult to keep the handles of loaded plastic shopping bags from cutting into her hands! I know this because I have seen an item for sale designed to overcome this problem. This week, while I was working on a different project, it came to me that the handles on various plastic containers like milk jugs and bleach bottles could be used to perform the same task. I cut the handles from both an empty milk jug and a vinegar container and then trimmed them down as seen in the above picture. The handles of the bags sit in the remaining hollow after the top of the bottle handle has been removed. The hand is protected from the bag handles by a layer of thick plastic. My children and I tried them out and were delighted with how well they worked! This would be an excellent way to protect the tender hands of children who want to help tote in the groceries. The only requirements are to find a container with a handle large enough to fit your hand and to have a pair of heavy duty scissors to cut the plastic with.

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    An alternative (post in Spanish, but plenty of descriptive images):


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