My most recent craft was the result of a family need. Each one of us likes to do his paper work at the dining room table, but we were always getting up to get supplies from other rooms. There was also not a clock in the dining room and “What time is it?” was a constant question. I set out to remedy the problem armed with the things shown in the photo to the right. The goal was to have a place to neatly hold all the things that we might need while doing school work or paying bills. I started by planning out the kinds of storage I would need and decided that I wanted a space for scrap paper, a place for pens and pencils, some drawers to hold things like tape and glue, and a place for a clock. With the design issues decided, I set to work cutting the various cardboard pieces to fit my plan. The largest box became the base, with a slot to hold scrap paper in the back. The card boxes became drawers, and the salt container became a receptacle for writing utensils. The next question was how to make the organizer look nicer than a collection of cut cardboard! I turned to my new favorite cover–fused bags!  I measured and cut the bag “fabric” to fit around the differently shaped cardboard pieces and then used decorative hand stitching and glue to tack them into place. The final step was to add drawer handles. I thought of several possibilities for them, but finally settled on plain wooden craft buttons. Even though I had reinforced the fronts of the drawers with a second piece of cardboard before I covered them, I knew that I would still need to put something stiff along the inside so that the force of the pull on the outside of the drawer would be more evenly distributed. I accomplished this by driving an upholstery tack through a portion of craft stick, then through the center of the drawer and into the wooden button on the front. The finished product will never be confused with a store-bought version, but it is at least respectable looking!

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