In addition to making great gift boxes, empty cardboard boxes with lids make an unusually nice alternative to scrap booking your travel memories! Since the supplies are glue and recycled boxes, it is much cheaper than everything needed for scrapbooks. The next time you go on a trip, look for natural items from the area which can be used to cover the outside of a small box. The box needs to be large enough to store any photos, travel brochures, maps, or other souvenirs that you may wish to keep to remember the trip by. Though using a number of different elements looks very nice, don’t despair if there is not a great deal of natural items to be gleaned. These boxes look just as nice with a single element, such as pine cone petals or small twigs, glued in a nice pattern over the whole outside surface. The advantage to only having one element on the box is that it can be stacked with other travel boxes while boxes like those shone here may be damaged if stacked. I have also turned old gift books (the ones full of beautiful pictures and poems!) into travel books by gluing the pictures and historical information from the various travel guides and brochures gathered on our trip over the pictures and text in the book. The outside of the book can be covered in part of a shopping bag from the trip or maybe part of a map. There is an example of one of these books in the photo to the left. Anything that will fit can be included in the box: ticket stubs, small purchases, squashed pennies, or even 3×5 cards with each person’s favorite memory from the trip. Photos are added in a small, inexpensive photo-safe album. The date and location of the trip is written on the bottom of the box. The added perks to this kind of travel record is that it can be a family project to put it together (thus lengthening the fun of the trip!), and it becomes a lovely decorating and conversation piece in your home. And having the memories out on display increases the probability that they will be looked at and enjoyed again and again!

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