The summer months are some of the best months for watching birds –if only you can get them to come up close enough to your windows to be seen! This does not have to be difficult or expensive. One of the easiest ways to attract them is not with seed, but with water. But don’t run out and buy an expensive concrete birdbath. If you have a spare light-colored plant saucer, fill it with water and place it on a stump or on the ground. Then watch to see which bird finds the water first! I had a few of these plant saucers left over from a time when we were growing dish gardens, so I put water in one and used a second one to help catch the seed that is dropped out of my feeder while the birds are eating. After punching a few drainage holes into the bottom of the saucer, I used pieces of craft wire to suspend it beneath the feeder. The wires run from the drainage holes in bottom of the feeder to the lip of the saucer. This has been very helpful in keeping the ground beneath the feeder neat (without hulls and sprouts) and allows a bigger surface for the birds to land on and eat.

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