The month in which we honor our mothers seems a fitting time to show these adorable little vases designed to hold the small flowers which children are always bringing in from the yard. When my children were old enough to bring me small “bouquets”, I was dismayed to find that all my vases were ill-suited to display small flowers with a one-inch stem! Grandma came to the rescue with the small bottle in the center of this grouping. I believe that it came from the Cracker Barrel restaurant and held pancake syrup. The vase on the right was a small jar of specialty mustard that came in a gift pack at Christmas. I made these containers special by adding glass paint. It is very easy to do (simply wash the jar, prime it, and then add color), and a small set of the paints can be purchased for about six dollars. There is enough paint in the set to make numerous vases or other painted glass projects. I was able to make a home-made frog for the vase on the right. The jar had come with a metal lid. I took a flat-head screw driver and a hammer and carefully punched a circle around the inside until I was able to remove it. I sanded down the rough edges and painted the remaining ring black. Then I super-glued a doubled piece of black plastic produce-netting to the underside of the of the rim. Older children could easily do the painting portion of this project. My youngest daughter purchased the small vase on the left and painted it herself. It would work well as a craft for children to do as gifts for mothers, grandmothers, or teachers.

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