This is truly a case of minds thinking alike! After the project that I did last week with the empty dental floss containers, I had an idea for a similar project which used an empty Altoids tin. I had wanted to make a small kit for mothers to carry in their purses for the little “emergencies” that come so often with children, but the floss boxes were not big enough to contain everything that I wanted to include. So I switched to an Altoids tin. Imagine my surprise when this month’s Family Fun magazine had nearly the same idea! Mine is slightly different in that I tried to unite several different possible needs. I started by covering the box with a fun fabric print using Modge Podge. (The leaf and the smaller ladybug are some leftover wooden pieces that I added just on a whim!) Then I covered the edge of the lid with black ribbon. I attached a small fabric pocket to a piece of sheet magnet with some white glue. Into this I put some Bandaids, a sterile wipe, and a Shout stain-removing wipe; and I pinned a couple of safety pins into the fabric. Into the bottom, I put small toys: a tiny kaleidoscope, a miniature yarn baby, a button yo-yo, some small dice (for addition games), another wooden lady bug, some Silly Putty wrapped in a piece of cereal bag, and two small pigs from another game, but any small toys that are safe for your children (or grandchildren) are great . My desire was to be able to be prepared for the occasional skinned knee or elbow, the ripped hem, the stained shirt front, and the inevitable wait at the doctor’s office or restaurant (which is made so much longer by small, bored children!). I could have included needle, thread, and some buttons, or even some children’s pain medication tablets, but the neat thing about this is that each mother can custom make her own to meet the specific needs of her family!

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