This idea is not mine. I read of it in the May/June ’10 issue of Birds and Blooms. I include it here because it made a wonderfully inexpensive “green” project for a children’s group I was working with. I find that craft projects for children are normally things which the children don’t really need and which either end up in the trash can or clutter up their rooms. This one only required the purchase of some seeds and some potting soil, and it taught a worthwhile skill. To make the pots, start by cutting a sheet of newspaper into four pieces and then wrap a piece around a large spice jar letting just over an inch of the paper hang off the end of the jar. Fold the overhanging edge in all the way around to form the bottom of the “pot” and secure it with a piece of masking tape. Remove the spice jar and then fold the top portion down to the inside to help strengthen the sides of the pot and secure with more masking tape if necessary. Fill with soil and plant the seeds. The “pot” is biodegradable and can go directly in the ground where the child wants to plant it.

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