Recently, I nearly tossed my empty dental floss container into the trash can out of habit when my new interest in recycling made me look again at this wonderful little container! I pulled the empty spool mechanism from the inside and began to think of what I could do with the empty box. These are two of the ideas that came to me. The “patchwork” box I turned into a small sewing kit. It is decoupaged with a scrap of fabric. I glued some stuffing and another fabric scrap into the inside of the lid to form a small pin cushion for a needle and some straight pins. The rest of the “kit” is made by creating a small pocket with some fabric and gluing it onto a piece of plastic milk carton which I cut down to fit the shape of the floss box. (Click on the photo at right for a larger image to show the contents of the two boxes.) Most of the things which make up this kit can be put together from recycled or inexpensive items. The buttons are rescued from old shirts, the thread is taken from regular spools and wrapped around another piece of plastic milk bottle, and the measuring tape is simply a color copy of my regular measuring tape. I also rounded up two safety pins and included a set of adhesive Velcro dots. The needle threader is not truly necessary, so the only real expense is in the small scissors. If those are not readily available, I think they could be replaced with a small pair of nail scissors. This is a great thing to keep in your car or purse or to send along with a camper or college student. The second box I decorated with paper and a sticker, just to demonstrate that it is possible to make it prettier without too much skill or fuss! (If you remove the printing with fingernail polish, you could even draw on it with permanent markers.) This box I made to be my “decorator” box. It is perfect for paint cards, fabric swatches, wallpaper samples, and, in my case, even a broken piece of one of my plates! This would be great for brides to keep on hand as they are registering or for anyone who just wants to know for sure that the incredible bargain they just found will truly match their former purchases! It could also be used as a wardrobe aid in the same way. Keeping a box with color swatches and notes on the sizes and articles which are needed can help mothers as they make clothing choices for their families. The floss box is small enough to fit into a purse without difficulty, and hard enough to protect its contents!

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