For the last two years or so, my family has received a large tin of specialty popcorn as a gift at Christmas time. After the popcorn was consumed this last time, I determined to do something constructive with the tin. Several years ago, I had seen an “ottoman” made from one of these tins in a crafting book put together by the editors of Butterick called, 101 Crafts to Make Under $10. Their ottoman was a skirted affair and looked nice, but I wanted to have mine be a little more tailored, and I wanted to retain the ability to store things inside it (like my current crochet project!). I was able to buy some upholstery fabric at a very good discount when our local Wal-mart discontinued its fabric section. I also used a coupon at JoAnn’s to purchase four large wooden knobs to serve as feet. I made some cording by covering round athletic shoelaces with my fabric and proceeded to sew together a cover. Using a remnant of old fleece to pad out the sides, I slid the cover on and glued the upper edge of the fabric to the tin, making sure that it would not interfere with the lid. My husband cut a circle for me from some scrap ply board which someone had given to us, and I put this inside the bottom of the can to reinforce it and give it some weight. Then we drilled through the board and the tin to attach the legs. I used some stuffing (a portion of an old pillow would work) and a covered button on the lid. (In the photo to the left, the lid is tilted on its side and the button is hard to see. Clicking on the image will make it larger.) For less than five dollars, I now have a wonderful addition to my favorite spot on the couch! It is somewhat small, but functional as a prop for my feet and it blends into its surroundings very well. By omitting the legs and weighting it enough to prevent it from tipping easily, this craft could be used to make inexpensive seating for smaller children at family gatherings.

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