Have you ever had a small food item to cut, like a tomato or maybe a boiled egg, and thought that your cutting board was overkill? I have never liked to clean more dish than was necessary for the job! This re-purposing idea came to me while I was facing a situation like that described above. I cut two panels from the two sides of an empty distilled water bottle that did not have the molded handle. I used a heat gun to flatten the edges at the wider end of these panels and had two new small cutting boards in about ten minutes! They have the benefit of being small enough to be stored just about anywhere, are made of food-grade plastic, are dishwasher safe, and easily form a funnel for adding the cut food into a bowl or pot without spills! These are great for summer picnics and camping since they are small, lightweight, and, if you accidentally lose them or throw them away, you have not really lost any money on them.

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