This craft is one that most children can do. It takes the smaller plastic lids, such as the lids on icing containers or the smaller size of “I Can’t Believe it’s not Butter”, and recycles them into coasters. The first time I used this was in a VBS setting where the kids put some white glue (I used tacky glue) into the up-side-down lid and then swirled twine into the glue to cover the entire inside surface. I braided more twine to glue to the outside edge of my lids so that no portion of the lid is showing. Add a scrap of soft fabric or even felt dots to the bottom, and these lids work very well. Since not everyone will have a decor which allows for twine-covered lids to serve as coasters, I tried a different idea and used portions of a felted wool sweater to cover the lids. This was even easier than the twine! All I had to do was cut and paste. Since I used the icing container lids, I was able to make a matching holder for them out of a cleaned-out can of chicken. (Children could not easily make the holder since it requires cutting the metal can.) Even with the felt glued to them, they were small enough to fit inside and stack four high. This was not a terribly time-consuming craft and was fairly inexpensive; two traits which, combined with the usefulness of the finished product, make this a good recycling craft for children.

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