This is another project that uses the plastic shopping bags and plastic lids from vegetable spread and sour cream containers. I used the same concept on this project as I did on the shopping bag and plastic lid tote except that I made up my own crochet pattern for the lace effect. I used one large spread/cool whip lid ring and five of the smaller rings made with the sour cream lids. Once again, because the sour cream lids were the same size, I had to make a slit along the edge of each lid so that they would interlock (see photo) before I stuffed them with the plastic bag remnants and wrapped them in tape. I joined the five smaller rings together to form a line and then joined the two ends together to form a circle. The bottoms of each lid in this circle were next attached to the larger ring which became the bottom of the planter. Once again, I used masking tape to secure the rings together and then covered the tape with strips of the plastic bags. The hanging “ropes” are simply plastic shopping bag strips which I crocheted with a chain stitch. The ring at the top was the “packaging” on a scarf I purchased, so once again the whole project used plastic “trash” except for the masking tape! Using the blue-and-white Walmart bags made the crocheted portion take on more of a snowflake look. This does not have to be a hanging planter. If the hanging rope is left off, it could be used to simply cover an unsightly pot or give an inexpensive, yet personal touch to a gifted plant.

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