T-shirts are so abundant in modern wardrobes that it is always wonderful to find new ways to recycle them. Many of the old t-shirts in our house have been re-purposed for cleaning rags, but I have begun to look for ways to give them new life. My first effort was the result of my needing a short-sleeved “jacket” to go over a sleeveless dress. I had found the dress on a good sale, but my child is somewhat cold-natured and likes to have some sleeve to her outfits.  I looked through her collection of t-shirts and found a white one which had some staining on the front near the bottom. Perfect! Using a large piece of paper to make a pattern for the shirt, I sketched out how I wanted the curve of the front edge to look. When I was satisfied with it, I cut it out and pinned it to the front of the shirt. Then I carefully cut the shirt to look like the paper pattern. I cut the back straight across to match the new bottom of the front. I also carefully cut out the neck ribbing as close to the seam as I could without cutting the main fabric of the shirt. I zig-zagged the edge of the shirt on my sewing machine, turned it under and then top-stitched some trim to the outside. If you do not have a sewing machine, there are some wonderful products on the market (Aleene’s OK to Wash-It) which will allow you to glue or fuse the edges and trim. I attached a matching ribbon rose to the neck opening of the new jacket and added a snap closure to one side. The finished garment looks as if it were sold together with the dress. Hard to believe it used to be a stained t-shirt!

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