I obtained a beautiful icy-blue dry cleaner’s bag in the early days of my journey in crocheting plastic and, having had such success with the shopping bags, I was determined to see if I could crochet something with it. I cut the bag up into loops just as I had done the others (this made very long loops!), interlocked them, and began to crochet, but the cellophane feel of the plastic was too difficult to work with. It wanted to stick to the hook and did not slide through my fingers at all. I tried another approach. I took one ball of shopping bag loops and one ball of dry cleaner bag loops and crocheted both strands together, treating them as one strand. While not exactly easy, the shopping bags did make it possible to crochet the dry cleaning bag into this small bowl (seen here with a ball of recycled t-shirt material). I would have liked to try making a lid to go along with this, turning it into a container for trinkets, but I ran out of the dry cleaning bag and had to settle for a bowl. It has proved very useful to me as a holder for the balls of plastic or t-shirt I am currently working with. The bowl keeps them from rolling away while I work.

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