Since many people have crocheted the plastic shopping bags into a rug, I decided to try my hand at a door mat. This photo shows the result of my labors. I was very concerned by this effort at one point because when I was joining the blocks together and adding the edge, it seemed the blocks were uneven and wanted to bulge in places. On a normal yarn project, some of this can be eliminated by blocking the yarn, but how do you block plastic? Since plastic is often heat sensitive, I decided to try using a blow dryer to heat the work up and stretch the blocks into shape. This was successful. The finished mat is durable, functional and can be washed in the washing machine or sprayed off with a garden hose and air dried. I coated the back of the mat with a generous layer of Rubber Cement to help prevent it from sliding around on the floor. Outside of the expense of the glue, this project was entirely free!

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