I am not in the habit of buying much from the bakery department, largely because cannormally make what I need on my own. But this was an occasion when I was so pressed for time that I not only could not do my own baking, but my husband had stepped in to handle the grocery shopping that week. The container which packaged the cake he bought had a lovely dome-shaped lid which intrigued me. It was a good size for a bowl, although the plastic was too thin to be sturdy. I saved the lid and thought about it for awhile. Finally, I had an idea which required two of the lids (and the purchase of another cake!). I painted the inside of one lid to resemble the rind of a watermelon. I painted in reverse order, painting the light green stripes first and then painting the darker green of the background over the light green because I wanted the bowl to look like a watermelon from the outside of the bowl as viewed through the plastic. On the other lid I painted the outside surface to resemble the inside of a watermelon slice, again painting in reverse order; the high lights on the seeds, then the seeds, then the red of the fruit, etc. When the paint was dried, I dusted the painted surfaces with talcum powder and carefully pushed the “fruit” lid inside the “rind” lid until they were pressed together. There were some places were the paint rubbed off in the joining process which I touched up as well as I could; anywhere I could reach with a paintbrush. I ran a line of glue around the lip of the new “bowl” where the two edges joined and let it dry. The lids were not recognizable unless you were looking very closely and having two lids together gave the project the sturdiness which was originally lacking. This made a very nice bowl for fruit salads and chips; anything that was not hot. (We blistered a small portion of the bottom by throwing hot popcorn into it.) As long as it is hand washed and gently treated, it seems to work well.

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